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Cass County is committed to notifying its property owners of possible fraudulent real estate transactions. In that regard we have contracted with Data Trace to enable you to register for this Property Fraud Notification Service at no cost to you. That’s right! It’s FREE!

This notification service is based on NAME only (not by legal description and not by the address of your real estate). You will be notified of any document that is recorded that matches the name or names you have registered. Your notification can either be by email or postcard.

You may enter as many names as you wish but we recommend that you enter however many variations of the name or names that might appear on the documents that you wish to receive notification of.

Examples: Someone named William may also be called Bill, Billy or Billie or Will, Willy or Willie.
Johnson might be spelled with an “on” or an “en” – Johnsen
or Hanson or Hansen
Jonathan may also be knows as Jack, John, Jon, Johnny, Jonnie, etcetera

Some people may or may not use a middle initial or middle name – enter those variations as well.

Also, please make sure that the ACTIVE box is checked in order to receive notifications. If the Inactive box is checked, you will NOT receive any notifications.

You will be able to edit your User Profile at any time by logging in under the User Name and Password that you create.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cass County Recorder’s Office at (218) 547-7381.

Note: We cannot prevent property fraud from happening but this service will provide you with quick notification so that if a recorded document is fraudulent, you can contact law enforcement ASAP! The sooner law enforcement knows, the sooner they can start trying to locate the perpetrators of the fraud.